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22 July 2016

Top 7 hammock hanging places

By Jocasta

Not that we needed an excuse to share more brilliant hammock camping pictures with you all, but let's face it - International Hammock Day is as good an excuse as any, if not better! So to celebrate all that's great about hammock camping, we wanted to share some of the coolest hanging spots we've seen recently.


Instagrammer @lifeofadv's DD Frontline Hammock MC between 2 jeepsInstagram user @lifeofadv shows you can hammock camp just about anywhere with a couple of sets of wheels...

Hammocking at altitude

Victor from I Hamac in a DD Frontline Hammock, in Romanian mountains Who said being up a mountain means you can't hang up a hammock? Our Romanian distributor Victor from ihamac.ro dared to put this theory to the test!

Rigged up

DIY rig for DD Camping Hammocks bySomerset Explorer Scouts How about some DIY? The Somerset Explorer Scouts were determined to hammock-camp even in this treeless field, so they went about creating their own impressive multi-hammock frame from logs!

By the seaside

DD Chill out hammock in Cornwall by Bad Wolf EditingWe always said one of the best things about hammocking is that there's no need to find flat ground - and sometimes there's no need to find ground at all! The folks at Bad Wolf Editing certainly know how to sit back admire the Cornish coast.

Deep in the jungle

Tassilo in the Brazilian Jungle with DD SuperLight Jungle HammockTassilo ventured out into the Brazilian Amazon, where he experienced a "bug-free sleep" and awoke "without a single sting". We don't want to brag, but we have an inkling this was probably because he slept in his SuperLight Jungle Hammock! (OK, maybe we're bragging a bit).

Desert oasis

DD Hammocks in Moroccan desert The 2-tree suspension method is tried and tested, but it's not often you get to hang a hammock from a single tree (safely, anyway)! This gnarly hanging spot was found while DD owner Nick toured Morocco.

Tranquil waters

Jason Clark in a SuperLight Hammock by Loch Ness, ScotlandYou can hang your hammock in some crazy places, but sometimes the best spots are the simplest. Jason Clark picked two Scots Pines on the shores of Loch Ness. 

 We want to thank everyone for sending in their brilliant pictures. Keep them coming! Email us, tag us on Facebook or use #ddhammocks on Instagram.


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DD's former content writer, Jocasta is never far from a beach, the woods or a set of mountains. When she's not illustrating or writing, she's exploring Scotland and spotting wildlife.

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