Setting up your DD Tarp

If you're new to using a tarp, you might want to consider the following accessories to make your set-up easier:

  • DD Cord: recommended for use as your tarp ridge line

  • Ridge line loks: These make the ridge line easy to loosen and tighten, and there's no need for knots!

  • DD XL Sleeve: Much like our popular hammock sleeve, this waterproof 'snakeskin' allows for easy packing and unpacking of your tarp.

  • Extra pegs and guy lines: Get the most out of your DD tarp's 19 attachment points by adding further peg-out points for more complex set-ups.

Now you have the gear, it's time to rig your tarp. There are a whole variety of set-up options possible with a DD tarp – in fact it'd be difficult to list them all, so below we've included the most useful set-ups to get you started. Once you have the basics, we're sure you'll be eager to try even more!

The most common set-up for hammock camping.

The tarp can be hung from a rope (ridge line) between two trees using the central attachment points on top.
Once the centre line is in place the 4 corners can be pegged out using the guy ropes and then additional side points pegged out if required.

End-to-end protection (suitable for square-dimensioned tarps only).

A useful set-up option for use with hammocks in windy conditions when rain can blow in from the ends.
Simply tie two corners to two trees or posts, and then using the pegs and guy lines peg the other two corners into the ground to create the diamond set-up as shown.
In very strong winds you can also tie out some of the other attachment points to create a solid shelter.

Great for a day shelter or for cover when bivi camping.

Various lean-to shelter styles can be created by pegging one side of the tarp down to the ground, and using the rest of the attachment points to increase the height or the amount of roof cover.
Useful if you are on the move, the lean-to shelter can be set up in minutes and provides a great shelter for lunch or rest stops.

Don't forget to check out our comparison charts to help you choose your hammock and choose the right tarp to go with it. If you're unsure about setting up your hammock, we've got you covered!

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