Hammock Suspension

There are many different suspension options available for your hammock set-up! From our own plain and simple stock webbing to the higher-spec complete whoopie suspension system, there's something to suit every hammock camper's preferences.

Suspension can be personalised to suit you, and all the methods on this page are open to modification.

For your safety:

Always check and test any knots are secure before getting into your hammock, and ensure the recommended weight limit of your hammock and its suspension is not exceeded.



The majority of DD hammocks include this durable webbing, and as with all our hammocks, the suspension arrives pre-fitted and ready to go. Simply wrap the ropes around your trees and tie them off with a falconers' knot (or easier still, a shoelace knot)!

Whoopie Suspension System



  • 1 x set of whoopie slings
  • 1 x pair of karabiners (either aluminium or soft shackle)
  • 1 x pair of tree huggers

A far lighter, quicker method for setting up and adjusting your hang – and completely knot-free!

To modify any DD hammock with whoopie slings, simply remove the stock webbing and re-thread the slings through the channel (watch this video for a demo on re-fitting your suspension and using whoopie slings).

Our Complete Whoopie Suspension System has everything you need. To suspend your hammock with this system:


  1. Ensure a karabiner is clipped to the whoopie sling.
  2. Wrap a tree hugger around the tree until its two loops face you.
  3. Clip your karabiner round the tree hugger's two loops.
  4. Repeat the above process for both ends of your hammock.

The tension can be adjusted and 'locked off' using the loose end of the whoopie sling.

Adjusting your hang using hammock rings


- 4 x hammock rings
- 1 x Pair of karabiners (either aluminium or soft shackle)
- 1 x Pair of tree huggers
- Webbing (either DD stock webbing, or other)

Another quick, knot-free method for adjusting your hang, in a few easy steps:

  1. Attach two rings to each karabiner.
  2. Pass the tree hugger around the tree until the two loops face you, and clip the karabiner through both loops.
  3. Pass your hammock's suspension cord through both rings, from the left-hand side. Then, bring the cord round the front of the rings back round from right to left, and pass it through only the left-hand ring ring this time - underneath the original line – then, back through the gap between the rings.
  4. Pulling on the end of the line will adjust the tension, while any force from the other end of the line will prevent it from slipping back. Tie off with a quick release knot next to the rings once the correct tension has been reached.

Our hammock comparison chart lets you know which suspension comes with each model. If you're feeling confident, why not check out our suggestions for the types of knots you can use in your hammock set-up along with some more advanced tarp set-up tutorials?

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