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18 May 2016

Photo Feature: Global Adventures

By Jocasta

We receive so many incredible photos from our DD fans the world over, it's almost impossible to choose our favourites. The 3 globetrotters whose expeditions we're featuring this time have one thing in common, and it's certainly not the location of their campsite!

What they have done is managed to take their DD tarps or hammocks to staggering heights, and seen some mindblowing views along the way.

Petar Cule: Free running and urban sunsets

DD Camping Hammock on a skyscraper in Bangkok - by Petar Cule

"This photo was taken on top of one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok at sunrise after a nice comfy night spent in our DD Hammocks. We spent a day with the locals in Bangkok training around some of their free running spots, they then took us right into the centre and showed us this building and said it has a nice view of the city for us to take photos, we assumed it would probably serve as a nice camping spot too…"

DD Camping Hammock on a skyscraper in Bangkok - by Petar Cule"I think hammock camping is ideal for backpackers who are travelling for long or short periods of time, because it gives you the great benefit of lightness - especially if you're in an urban environment where you're getting in and out of public transport a lot and a small bag is essential. It also gives you great comfort - you can find two trees, or bars, or any upright objects, quickly set up your hammock and simply enjoy the day in comfort."

Barcelona hangout in DD Camping Hammocks - by Petar Cule"This photo was taken in Citadel Park in Barcelona. After a long day of exploring the city and training on some of Barcelona’s famous free running spots, it was getting really late and we did know where we were going to sleep for the night. We went to the nearest city map and found the largest green spot on the map..."


Henri Willener: Tarp-camping in the shadow of Mont Blanc

DD SuperLight Tarp on Mt Blanc - Henri Willener "The plan was for my girlfriend and I to do a trek for 2 days in the French Alps. We planned to reach a summit the first day and descend the following, spending the night 200m below the summit. But once we got to camp and started to settle, our tent frame broke! And this is a real problem: at this height you need appropriate shelter to keep warm... I was very lucky that I thought to bring my DD SuperLight Tarp with me."

DD SuperLight Tarp on Mt Blanc at sunrise - Henri Willener"The only thing you need is a trekking pole - that you'll have with you anyway - and it's much stronger than tent frames. So I was very glad I could use it for the very first time at 2400m and it was big enough for the 2 of us and our gear! We set up the tarp in a pyramid shape and it worked perfectly well - we spent a very good night there."

SuperLight Hammock in the Alps - by Henri Willener

Martin Dlabaja: In the wilds of Scotland

Martin Dlabaja camping with a DD Tarp 3x3 in Glencoe "Coire Gabhail, Glencoe. The weather was bad. Rain and heavy wind. Notice how many stones we had to use to hold the tarp down! During the night the bamboo stick we used was falling down on us as well so I tried to sleep while holding it. Despite the weather I enjoyed this set-up - it was diamond shaped with the back end attached to a guy-rope fixed into the crack of a rock."

Martin Dlabaja camping with a DD Tarp 3x3 in Glencoe"Camping above the valley at Glencoe. Here we had to wait before reaching the peak of Bidean Nam Bian which was hidden in dense fog and bad weather. It was the coldest night in Scotland for us, we didn’t expect to see snow in July.

"We built an “A” shaped tarp set-up in the rain and strong wind. The key for a good sleep was to angle the tarp against the wind and laying the tarp as low as possible to make a more aerodynamic shape."

Martin Dlabaja camping with a DD Tarp 3x3 under the Old Man of Storr, Skye"The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye. I woke up to the sun rising above the sea and a subtle breeze. Finally, the weather was fair."

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