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DD Tarp 3x3 - 11 shelter set-ups for bushcraft & survival

If you’re in need of ideas, get some inspiration from Dan & Nico while they share 11 of their favourite tarp set-ups for the DD Tarp 3x3 - MC.

Easy to do, these are perfect for lightweight backpacking, survival and wild camping - just add your hiking pole for support to create even more options.

1. A-Frame: Best for hammock camping
2. Lean-to: Great for cooking and day shelter
3. Lean-to with overlap: Day shelter
4. Ground/bivi shelter
5. Diamond shelter: Great for hammock camping/increasing airflow
6. Ground diamond: Day shelter in woodland environments
7. Ground A-Frame with poles: Good for bivi camping or day shelter
8. Day/bivi shelter
9. Lean-to shelter (with poles)
10. Tarp tent: Great for bivi camping or a wind-resistant day shelter
11. Triangular pyramid shelter: Great for bivi camping or a day shelter

Published on Sept 27, 2016  |  Follow DD Hammocks on Youtube