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Employee Commuting

DD staff live locally - either in our home city of Edinburgh or within the surrounding areas. For that reason, we encourage sutainable forms of transport as much as possible to get to and from our premises each day. On an average day most of us either walk, bike, or jump on public transport to get to work.


Edinburgh is a small city, and we are lucky enough for most of the city to be within reasonable walking distance of the office. Especially in the milder months, a lot of the DD team are more than happy to reach our office by foot.


Many of our number are keen cyclists, who enjoy riding to work via the many cycle-paths that are offered throughout Edinburgh. Not only is cycle commuting a greener way to move around the city, we find that it is also faster than driving in a lot of cases. It also has the added benefit of keeping us fit and healthy!

Many of us own our own bikes. However, to enable more of our staff to commute by bike we own 2 good quality staff bikes that can be used by anyone who wishes to cycle to work. We keep these bikes maintained and kitted out for all weathers, with lights for winter riding.

We have secure parking available for as many bikes as we need, as well as dedicated rooms for changing in the morning or evening. We are currently looking at improving our cycle-friendly facilities to make cycling to work and storing bikes even easier.

This also comes in handy when we need to go out and take photographs of our products. Instead of relying on driving to a local shoot location and contributing to gridlock and increased C02 outputs, we most often cycle there with all the equipment we need.

Public Transport

Edinburgh has a reliable and regular bus service, as well as a recently-installed tram service; with a new phase currently in construction bringing the trams much closer to our office.

For those members of staff who do not live within easy walking distance or in poorer weather, this public transport system offers a cleaner method of commuting than many more cars on the road. It is possible to get to and from virtually any point in the city using public transport, and we are enthusiastic about our staff taking advantage of this if possible.


DD Charity Update - September 2023

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