26 July 2021

Wildlife Photography & Hammock Camping

By Henk Reinicke
Henk Reinicke is an 18 year old wildlife photographer from Germany. Not content with having to head home after a day's shooting, Henk shares some of his amazing photos and talks us through his first night alone in the wilds, using the DD Frontline Hammock - MC; a fantastic choice for staying hidden and letting nature come to you.

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31 May 2021

Adventures with Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

By Steve Tolan
Steve Tolan of the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust, a charity based in Zambia, shares some stories and photos of his memorable adventures. The charity focuses on conservation education for the young people of Zambia - and works with conservationists, palaeontologists and wildlife autorities to create some incredible opportunities and outcomes.

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08 April 2020

DD Tarp 3x3 Speed Challenge

By Ewan
Bored during lockdown? Missing the great outdoors? Well now is the time to brush up on your camping skills! Have a go at the DD Tarp 3x3 Speed Challenge and see just how fast you can put together a tarp tent configuration in your garden!

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26 February 2020

Camping Goes Global - Our Top 10 Photos from the World of Adventure!

By Ewan
DD Hammocks was born out of a love for travelling the world and exploring the wildest places on earth, and over the years we have seen that our enthusiastic customers are carrying on this tradition! In this special blog post, we are showing off our 10 favourite hammock, tarp and tent set-ups from our customers across the globe, to show that camping has a truly wide-ranging appeal!

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07 January 2020

Guest Blog: 4 Reasons to Go Wild This Year

By Tom Langhorne
Modern life is non-stop and we all need a break from time to time. With new year upon us, Tom Langhorne from Fandabi Dozi shares 4 reasons why he thinks we should all focus on getting back to our roots this year, and spend more time in nature than ever before!

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28 October 2019

School Night Bivvi Club

By Darroch Davidson
Can you find time for adventure, even during a working week? Sounds impossible? Our guest writer Darroch Davidson shares how you can fit a proper night in the wild into a regular weeknight. And what a great energy kick it provides!

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09 October 2019

Your Adventures with DD Hammocks: Winner & Runners-Up!

By Ewan
We were very excited to have recieved short films and clips from all over the world over the summer. From the UK to Japan; Norway to North America you have shared amazing camping and adventure videos set in some of the world's most stunning scenery. We have had a fantastic time watching all of your entries, and we want to thank everyone for taking part! The competition closed on the 30th of September and the time has come to announce our lucky winner and 2 runners-up, after some very tough decision making! Read on to find out who we have chosen!

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23 September 2019

Explorers of the Outdoors: Part 2 - Matt & Zenia

By Aleksandra
In the second installment of our brand new blog series, 'Explorers of the Outdoors' we catch up with DD users Zenia from Denmark and Matt from the UK.

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10 July 2019

Your Adventures with DD Hammocks - Send Us Your Videos for a Chance to Win 1 of 3 Hammocks!

By Ewan
Enter our new video competition and you could be the winner of a brand new DD Hammock! We want to see your camping clips and films this summer - send them in and be featured in our first DD Hammocks crowdsourced video!

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06 June 2019

Explorers of the Outdoors: Part 1 - Dennis & Ryuji

By Alice
In the first installment of our brand new blog series, 'Explorers of the Outdoors' we catch up with bushcrafters Dennis from Denmark and Ryuji from Japan. (also featuring Japanese language version for our friends over in Japan!)

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DD Charity Blog - Introduction

Here at DD Hammocks we have always been passionate about helping others, and we now want to take this to the next level by supporting more charitable groups and organisations. We will be providing specially made hammocks and tarps to these groups each month, and in this blog we plan to highlight some of the amazing work they are doing for young people and adults.
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