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13 January 2022

Exploring 2022

By Vikki

So Campers, what are your plans for 2022?

With the New Year comes the opportunity for a new you, not to mention the chances to find all new places to explore (or to revisit old favorites!). Whether it be visiting the traditional stomping grounds or breaking new grounds, there's no better time to get out into the wilderness than the present!

However, if you're lacking inspiration, or simply unsure of how to put your best hiking boot forward - we've got just the thing to give you some get up and go.

So, to see what 2022 has in store for a trio of avid adventurers, we catch up with Sam, Anja, and Dennis to see what they have planned for their New Year – whether it be honing their existing camping skills or trying out something entirely different!


Sam Brown is a UK based outdoorsman, exploring the beautiful wilds of Highland Scotland with his trusty labrador Darach by his side. We caught up with Sam to see what his 2022 might look like;

"To say the last couple of years has been hard on everyone is a massive understatement and depending on your personal situation spending time outside, especially in a forest environment, may not have been easy or indeed possible for most of it due to restrictions. One positive that has come out of this whole thing is an increase in recognition of the physical and mental health benefits spending time outdoors has for us all.

Living in the West Highlands of Scotland I was very fortunate that I could still find time and space to get outside fairly regularly whether it be a couple hours drinking coffee under my tarp in my local forest or a longer camping trip to the Cairngorm National park.

Who knows what 2022 will bring for us all but if I am able to I will continue to spend time in my local forests whenever time allows. I hope to re-visit areas of the Cairngorms National Park and the West coast for extended camping trips also.

My ultimate goal for 2022 would be to get back to Scandinavia and in particular the Northeast of Sweden to complete the High Coast Trail (Höga Kustenleden). This was a trip I had planned for May 2020 but as we all know these plans were postponed.

My bucket list trip would be a backcountry canoe tour through Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada but one step at a time! I’m not in a position to make any predictions for how this year plays out but I hope people are able to access the outdoors and ultimately enjoy their time out there as much as possible. All the best to everyone for 2022!"

You can come along on Sam’s adventures on Instagram: @Highland_Woodsman and Youtube.


Anja Kjær is a keen outdoorswoman hailing from Denmark; she believes in the medicinal and soothing benefits of getting out into nature, reflecting particularly on what the outdoors and camping means for her and the year ahead.

“I live a life with chronic daily headaches and chronic migraines. So I always carry my hammock when I'm outdoors. It's easy to set up and I can take a break, relax, rest my head, waiting for the medicine to kick in, every time when needed.

The weight of a hammock makes it possible for me to go on trips alone, otherwise, because of my pain, I am dependent on other people. So the hammock gives me my freedom, and for that I'm grateful. It gives me the possibilities to have small adventures in a life with pain. And that's give me a feeling of living and not only surviving.

On my bucket list for 2022: get an underquilt for my hammock, which will give my more possibilities to sleep out for a longer time. It will makes me feel even more free as a human being.”

You can follow more of Anja's adventures on Instagram: @becomingoutdoorwoman.


Dennis Sørensen is an enthusiastic and dedicated camper from the wilds of Denmark. With a passion for woodwork and a keen eye for a perfect place to hang a tarp, he tells us his thoughts about the upcoming year;

“I have to continue going out in nature like previous years, primarily with variations of tarps and then with tents and other things. Regardless, I always have a tarp with me, as it allows me to be closer to nature in relation to, for example, a tent. This year I will have more focus on longer trips, more nights at a time. I will therefore also drive further to visit places I have both been and have not been.

I have become even more interested in birds in nature, and have in recent months studied the different birds that live here in Denmark in the winter.

I love working in wood, carving spoons and more, and I will continue to bring tools on trips so I can develop my skills.

I think nature is great for strengthening relationships with other people. I will take advantage of this opportunity in 2022. Nature is a fantastic playground for children and adults, and everyone can learn something from nature.

It is important for me to gather even more good memories in nature, and whether it is alone or with others, I never get tired of going on trips.

Thank you nature!”

You can follow Dennis’ adventures on Instagram: @5000dennis_nature and Youtube

We hope that Dennis, Sam and Anja all have an exciting 2022, and we’ll certainly be following them as they share the stories of their adventures.


We hope that you're now ready and raring to go exploring!

So that we can see how your own adventures are going, make sure to post and tag your photos with #ddhammocks to keep the inspiration running wild!

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