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24 November 2017

DD Hammocks Christmas Gift Guide 2017

By Ewan

Are you new to hammock camping, or know somebody that is? Have you been presented with a Christmas wishlist from your family or partner?

With a mix of handy stocking fillers, reliable best-sellers and of course our special Christmas bundles, there's something for everyone at DD Hammocks. From beginners wanting to start their hammocking journey, to experts looking to add an upgrade here are some options to make this Christmas one to remember!


Just the ticket for adding to a gear store without breaking the bank. These extras can elevate hammock camping trips up to the next level of comfort and enjoyment!

Camping/Scout Hammock

The Camping hammock is a fantastic choice for those on a tighter budget. Two breathable base layers and our sturdy webbing ensure a strong but comfortable set-up.

For the kids, or the smaller campers - the Scout hammock is the perfect solution! A very similar design with two base layers, the Scout hammock is just a little shorter and narrower. Great for taking the family out whilst the holidays last!

Fire steel

Perfect for practicing bushcraft skills just as much as it is for keeping at the bottom of the rucksack. You could even use it for the fireplace chestnuts next Christmas eve! (Just remember - Santa needs to come down the chimney!). Impressed friends are assured!

Magic Carpet

A mini tarp that's perfect as a groundsheet for a lunch stop in the forest. The attachment points mean that it can be used as a quick overhead shelter, or a tent footprint as well! Lightweight and small enough to live in a rucksack forever!

Want to get rid of the Christmas left-overs? We stock a kitchen's worth of cooking and hydration equipment that we're sure there's space in the stocking for! Cook up a storm with our Mess Tins ; keep a brew hot in the cold with the Thermal Water Bottle, or get hydration in an instant with our 2 litre Hydration Bladder.


The most popular products in the DD range. These products will look just as good underneath the tree in the living room, as hanging between them in the forest.

Tarp 3x3

Pairing perfectly with any of our standard sized hammocks as weatherproofing, the 3x3's versatility doesn't end there. The 19 attachment points make sure that the tarp can be moulded into any configuration - up in the trees or as a ground shelter, even an awning for the van! Nobody will be unhappy with this gift - a true DD classic.


You lose most of your heat through your back when there's nothing underneath it but air. The Underblanket hangs underneath the hammock and traps a pocket of warm air just where it's needed. If you're looking to get a bit of peace between Christmas and new year, with the Underblanket there's no excuse for the gift receiver not to venture out for the night (as long as they leave the chocolates!)

Complete Whoopie Suspension System

When people ask us how to upgrade their set-up, this is what we point them towards first. The Whoopie Sling Suspension system allows for knotless suspension adjustment, as well as shaving off some pesky grammes from the pack! The Dyneema Whoopie slings, paired with the Karabiners, are incredibly effective at reducing the wicking action of water into your hammock - great for the winter!

The above, and all of our favourites, such as the ever-reliable Frontline Hammock and Jura 2 Sleeping Bag are available year-round, but also included as part of our Christmas Offers.


For a limited time only over the Christmas period, we are offering hand-picked bundle deals containing a lot of the above items, with savings up to 20% off the full price. Get off to a flying start for Christmases to come - there's something for everyone regardless of experience!

Overhaul your tarp set-up with the Tarp Suspension Kit, or pick up a full beginner set-up with the Camping Kit. The XL Combo Deal will suit the needs of larger and taller campers (also perfect for Santa after a few too many mince pies!), whilst the all-new Ground-Dweller Combo (pictured below) includes our brand new Tarp Pole, allowing endless configurations of tarp shelters this winter.

All of our bundle deals can be found here - prices start at £24 / 36 / $42.

If you're reading this in anticipation of ripping open some of these treats this Christmas, why not drop a little hint and add them to your wishlist? Sign up to our website and start writing that letter to Santa!

Giving a DD gift this Christmas, or hoping to receive one? You certainly don't need to wait until Spring to start using it! Check out our blog on winter camping tips here!



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