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26 February 2020

Camping Goes Global - Our Top 10 Photos from the World of Adventure!

By Ewan

DD Hammocks was born out of a love for travelling the world and exploring the wildest places on earth, and over the years we have seen that our enthusiastic customers are carrying on this tradition for us. Whether it is intrepid explorers visiting new lands for new experiences, or locals deciding that now is the time to reconnect with their own patch of sky, we always like to see photos and read stories about what you have been up to.

In this special blog post, we are showing off 10 of our favourite hammock, tarp and tent set-ups from our customers across the globe over the past year, to show that camping and adventuring has a truly wide-ranging appeal.

Dragon's Blood Trees - Yemen

Using DD Tree Huggers so as not to damage the bark of these incredible trees, @awi.rabelista has found one of the most inspiring spots to set up his DD SuperLight Hammock & Tarp, whilst on a filming trip to Yemen to highlight environmental concerns.


Caribbean dreaming - Colombia


Well if this isn't straight out of a postcard, we don't know what is! Enjoying endless sea-views under the palms, @ella.woody made the most of the beachfront with her DD - XL - Frontline Hammock - MC. This more than rivals a holiday resort.


White as snow - Oregon, USA


A far cry from the beaches of Colombia or the plains of Yemen, the snow had fallen crisp and white in the Pacific Northwest. A perfect time to wrap up in a DD Tent amongst the Junipers for Chris. Photo by @birdingandbushcraft


Tarps and Tundra - Swedish Lapland

There might not be a great deal of sun for half the year in Lapland, but when it did arrive, Tom Young took the opportunity to make the most of it and dry off his socks from a long day of trekking through this incredible sparse wilderness.


Unwinding in the arches - Poland


Plenty of time for @m_trochimowicz to contemplate just which side of this tree has the roots attached?! In any case, it looks like it was made for hammock camping - a visit to Poland must be on the cards soon!


 Camp out with your lamps out - Denmark


@5000dennis.nature shows us how to do it in the forests of Denmark! With one tarp and some cordage, you can create a fully functional waterpoof shelter for your night in the woods. Whatever else you can bring is only down to what you want to can carry...


Hammock-Trees in the UK (bad pun alert!)


Closer to home for us, but for our readers abroad maybe this great photo by @mrutteruk can serve as inspiration for your next trip. The UK is rich with woodlands and breathtaking scenery, and is a prime candidate for exploring with your hammock.


Fjords on our scoreboard! - Norway


Heading further north into Scandinavia now - we love the way that the Sunset Orange Frontline Hammock stands out against the dramatic Norwegian skies. And what a viewpoint to boot too! Photo by @hegeberntzen and @thoraskilden


No poles, no problem - Japan


The greenery of the open spaces in Japan is the perfect place for @okana.camp to blend in with the DD A-Frame Tent - MC, whilst making the most of the local resources on offer to hold the main door open.


Barking up the right trees - Czech Republic


If the XL Frontline Hammock is big enough for Miloš Mázor, then it's certainly plenty spacious enough for little Lucy! Unless she is kept too busy enjoying the forest scents of the Czech wilderness.

 Here at DD Hammocks, we are proud to supply adventurers in every corner of the globe with gear that you can trust; from a quick hit in your local woods to expeditions through the tropics or tundra.

We take immense pleasure from seeing all your camping and adventuring photos, so please keep on tagging your shots with #ddhammocks, #ddtarps and #ddtents on Instagram and Twitter, or why not share them with us on our Facebook page?

If you've been inspired by these photos, whether for a trip to somewhere new or blazing a trail in your own country, then don't forget: Our Online Shop has a huge array of hammocks, tarps, tents and accessories available. With our super-fast shipping times, you'll get your gear in the blink of an eye no matter where your campsite is!

Happy adventuring!




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