Living Wage

DD Hammocks makes sure all staff are paid the UK Living Wage as a minimum. The Living Wage is an hourly calculated rate, whch exceeds the basic cost of living in the UK and is higher than the minimum wage.

We believe in a long-term investment in people, and feel it is only right to compensate staff properly for the work they carry out. It is our responsibility as an employer to make sure individuals' wellbeing needs can be met not just in the office, but also outside of it. It is essential for us that no member of staff suffers any hardship based on their rate of pay or working conditions.

We believe that paying people fairly helps with motivation compared to businesses who offer the bare minumum. This in turn leads to increased productivity and a positive working environment.

We will continue to pay above the Living Wage for all staff who are directly employed by us in future.

Working Conditions

DD Hammocks try hard to ensure working conditions are comfortable for the whole team and the working environment is a friendly one. No one is expected to work outside of regular hours and if there is a time when it would be useful team members are asked in advance with plenty of notice and any outside regular hours work is always optional.

Holidays and time off:  

We try to be as flexible as possible with holidays and time off. Compared to many businesses we offer a lot of flexibility in this regard.

Our Suppliers

We are partners with one factory in Asia who do a great job of manufacturing the majority of our products. We worked closely with our partners there, who Nick has known for many years, to set up a brand new (at the time), modern, light, spacious and safe factory around 2012. The factory remains in the conditions mentioned above. Working together we are happy with the layout and working conditions in the factory. Staff there receive a good number of holiday days per year, fair pay and any overtime work is optional. Pre covid we made regular visits to the factory which will continue when travel allows. 

Visits have always been made to any other factories helping us (before work started and if continuing over the years then regular visits are made). We believe its important not only to meet and know who you're working with, be confident that they opperate in ways you agree with but also be confident that they are able to produce products to the standard that both we and our customers expect and without visiting it is not possible to be confident of the above.


DD Charity Update - June 2024

Summer is here to stay and a heatwave is on the way - so lets get as many people as we can outdoors! This month we've partnered with The Ernest Cook Trust and The Outward Bound Trust; two local UK charities who have a long history of bringing everyone they can into nature! Read on to find out more!
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