We had planned to work on a more updatable charity page for our website in 2020 but the year has not gone as anyone had planned and we are running behind with that but for now this page gives an overview of what we’ve done recently, what we can offer and some of our plans for 2021.

November 2020 = we donated £1,250 raised from our seconds sale to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

MSF are an international, medical humanitarian charity doing great work saving people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics and have recently been involved in helping with covid treatment as well as measles outbreaks across Central Africa, reopened a bombed-out hospital in Yemen, malaria care in CAR and treated survivors of the Beirut explosion. We feel they do a lot of amazing work.

We donated £400 to NHS Charities together. This goes towards helping provide essential support for the UK’s brilliant NHS staff and volunteers. As we all know this year has been exceptionally hard for medical staff all over the world and we wanted to do a little to help.

In November 2020 we also donated £170 towards the RSPB’s ‘Let’s get nature back on track’ appeal.

RSPB – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is a charity we have supported in the past by equipping rangers protecting the Gola rainforest national park in Sierra Leone with our hammocks and tarps. The RSPB do a lot more than their name suggests working to protect natural wildlife habitats and species (not just birds) in multiple countries around the world, stem the loss of global biodiversity and achieve a more sustainable world.

During 2020 we have donated hammocks and tarps for raffle prizes to a number of people / charities raising money for good causes such as local foodbanks. From 2021 we plan to better record those we support.

In normal years we donate products such as hammocks and tarps to outdoor charities / groups for disadvantaged kids and we plan to do more of this in 2021 and try to record it better on here for others and ourselves to keep track of – at the moment DD charity product donations / sponsorship is arranged by 5 of us and we have not been recording this well together while remote working due to covid.
In normal years we also also donate products for expedition use where money is being raised for charity, obviously due to covid 2020 hasn’t been the best year for expeditions.

2021 – Suggestions welcome:

In 2021 we are keen to support more local, grassroots outdoor charties / groups doing great things for youngsters or adults. If you know of an outdoor charity / group near you that would benefit from some DD outdoor gear do feel free to get in touch.
Before offering any donation we would need to be able to verify the group and what they do (ideally through active social media channels or similar).
Also please bear in mind we are still a relatively small business and unfortunately cannot help everyone so any donations will depend on a number of factors including what else we have done recently, products we have in stock, time of year etc.

Contacting us regarding personal charity sponsorship / fundraising:

We receive a lot of these requests, almost daily. Please note we are not currently offering monetary sponsorship for these kind of requests.

We are happy to consider donating products for raffles / expedition use where you can show you have already raised a reasonable amount for your chosen charity. If you have raised a very small amount or nothing at the time of contacting us we will not unfortunately consider helping at that time, by all means drop us a line later on.

To sum up we are happy to consider product donations for people who can show they have already received a good level of sponsorship / raised funds for something very worthwhile. As above we are a relatively small business and cannot unfortunately help everyone that contacts us.

For those looking for personal ‘sponsorship’ for their 6 month backpacking trip around South America – yes we do receive such emails! - your trips often sound amazing but sorry we cannot sponsor you :)

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