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23 March 2022

DD Charity Update - March 2022

By Vikki

Spring has well and truly sprung, and as the days get longer and the weather continues to get brighter, there’s even more opportunity for people to get out and enjoy the benefits of nature.

For the month of March we have been working with Kinda Education and Mayflower Primary Bushcraft School – two organizations that work with people in need, both young and old, to make the most of the healing qualities of the wilderness.

Read on below to find out more about how Kinda Education and Mayflower Primary Bushcraft School help those in need.

Kinda Forest School

Working out of 5 acres of woodland in England, Kinda Forest School is a part of Kinda Education CIC, a group that promotes equality and kindness by deepening re-connection to nature. They focus particularly on assisting communities that experience barriers to wellbeing and socialising, with a resectful attitude to preserving the world around us.

Kinda Forest School employs careful and mindful environmental stewardship in order to work with people and nature to foster access to the wilderness, which promotes a sense of belonging and cooperation. They offer various programmes in their curriculum for those of all ages, ranging from children aged 5 and over, to their Elders Weaving in the Woods sessions; plus alternative Provision for children who require time outwith the traditional schooling system and the Wood Sisters Forest School sessions for young women aged 14+.

Alongside their long running programmes, Kinda Education have also offered Biking workshops and Family Support Sessions, as well as bushcraft education sessions via Zoom during lockdown of 2020.

With a focus on bushcraft skills such a campfire cooking, gardening, carving, building, games and crafts, Kinda Forest School aims to foster an environment where anyone in need can develop social skills and connections alongside self development and a greater sense of wellbeing & self worth.

We’re pleased to have sent a donation of our hammocks and tarps to help support the work of Kinda Education and their forest school, and we hope that the new gear will be enjoyed by those of all ages who utilize their healing services.

For more information on KE and the services they provide, you can read on further via their website or Facebook.

Mayflower Primary Bushcraft School

A part of The Mayflower Primary School, the Mayflower Bushcraft School provide outdoor sessions for young students, focusing on sensory work, outdoor activities and personal development & learning.

Painting, whittling, handling outdoor equipment as well as life skills such as supervised campfire cookery and mindful relaxation are an integral part of Mayflower Primary Bushcraft School. However, traditional educational activities such as literacy and group cooperation are always present during sessions, as Glen Brunsden (LPSA) explains:

"This week we have gone further than just World Book Day, we have celebrated World Book Week.

All classes were paired and joined myself and my Forest School colleague Sally Smith for a special outdoor book related session. Firstly, the classes were grouped together and set about building a den. Each den area was named after a famous author, we had Rowling, Zeuss, Rosen, Donaldson, Dahl and Walliams.

Once the dens were built the older children read to the younger children. This was a lovely experience with some lovely examples of the older children leading by example. Some of the more confident younger children also decided to read to their groups.

After the dens, we lit a campfire and everyone toasted a bagel, and we all read a story together.

Everyone throughout the school really enjoyed the experience, it was made possible by the generosity of DD Hammocks who kindly donated some hammocks, tarpaulin and paracord.

It has certainly been a week to remember!"

We’re very pleased to hear that Mr Brunsden and the young members of the Mayflower Primary Forest School have been enjoying their DD hammocks and tarps, and we hope that the gear will continue to support them in outdoor lessons for years to come!

If you would like to hear more about The Mayflower School and it’s outdoor learning philosophy, you can read more on their Website.

As we continue into the longer days of spring and beyond, we would like to continue to support even more charities, groups and organizations with donations of our hammocks and tarps!

If you know of a charity, group or cause with a focus on the outdoors and a passion for helping those less fortunate get out into nature that would benefit from some free outdoor equipment plus a spot on the DD Charity Blog to showcase their work, we would love to hear from you!

Help us support even more people, and get involved by getting in touch with us via our DD Charity contact form.


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