28 February 2016

...But it's still cold out!

By Jocasta

We know the feeling. Spring is within reach, but short daylight hours and a distinct chill in the air make it seem just that little bit further away! Remember this time of year isn't just for hibernating - there are a lot of keen winter campers out there, and it can be a blast as long as you have the right insulation gear and a cosy campfire to keep warm. Still, we know not all of you are eager to hang up your hammocks below zero!

Whether you love nothing better than waking up in your hammock on a crisp, snowy morning or you prefer to keep your camping to the warmer nights of the year, there are definitely ways to make the best of your DD gear in the colder weather. DD tarp and hammock in the frost - by Mark SkibaPhoto by Mark Skiba

Camping in winter means you can enjoy a cosy night in a snow-laden forest or a frosty lakeside. It’s a great idea also to bring along a stove and a kettle - sometimes even on the harshest nights a mug of tea or some toasted marshmallows can make the whole endeavour worthwhile!

If you’re just starting to camp in cold weather, I recommend checking out our winter camping tips.

I won’t lie; I personally suffer from the overwhelming urge to go into hibernation mode in the wintry months! But I do know that once I wrap up warm and haul myself out that door, I don’t regret it. My favourite time to camp is in spring and summer - though I still love using my hammock to lounge on a bright winter’s day, especially when this part of the world (Scotland) looks as stunning as it does under the snow and frost.  DD Frontline hammock in maroon red in the Cairngorms, ScotlandAnd yes, if I can help it, there is always tea!

DD Thermal bottle by Peter FerencikPhoto by Peter Ferencik

Feeling inspired? Try giving winter a fond goodbye this year by taking your hammock out on an adventure - you might surprise yourself.


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DD's former content writer, Jocasta is never far from a beach, the woods or a set of mountains. When she's not illustrating or writing, she's exploring Scotland and spotting wildlife.

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