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08 November 2021

DD Charity Update - November 2021

By Vikki

In this DD Charity Blog entry we will shine a spotlight onto the work of two groups that we’ve been fortunate to help support this month. We have donated 13 sets of our DD Charity Hammocks and Tarps to Craggers UK and 5 additional sets have been donated to Autism Anglia's Doucecroft School Forest School. We'll explore the kind of services they offer for those in need of support, and we'll catch up with them in the future to see how they've been getting on with their new DD Gear!

Autism Anglia

Autism Anglia is an independent charity based in East Anglia that provides care and support to autistic children, adults and their families, as well as diagnostic assessment services and additional information for the public, training for workplaces and autism related businesses/groups.

The Doucecroft School is a part of Autism Anglia which is a specialist co-educational school for children and young people with autism and additional complex needs from ages 3 to 19. Doucecroft School offers a varied curriculum in an environment where students are able to grow and develop and reach their potential; including a forest school that takes place in the local community. This allows the students to thrive in a variety of enriching environments, supporting their learning in safe and creative ways while also enjoying time in the great outdoors!

To help support the Doucecroft School, DD are delighted to be able to donate the first 5 sets of our specially manufactured Charity Edition hammocks and tarps for use in the Forest School so that the students can learn in and enjoy the outdoors.

You can find more information about Autism Anglia, the Doucecroft School and the services they provide on their website and their Facebook page.


The second group we have been able to help support recently is the Registered Charity Craggers. Founded in 1999, Craggers is a UK based outdoor charity run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers that work to help unemployed, low-income and other social excluded families and individuals experience the joy of outdoor adventurous activities such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, mountaineering and various kinds of annual camping trips. Craggers also run regular training workshops for essential outdoors skills such as First Aid, self-rescue, ropework, outdoor safety and equal opportunities. Not only do they often host 5-10 day camping trips at home and abroad, they also work passionately to inform Brighton and Hove councils on sports and leisure policy.

The Craggers’ motto is “Adventure for All”, and we couldn’t agree more – we have been able to donate 13 sets of our charity hammocks and tarps to this wonderful cause to allow Craggers to continue their adventures outdoors and help get more people out into nature.

If you’d like to learn more about Craggers and the work they do, you can follow them on their Website and Facebook page.

We’re looking forward to catching up with Autism Anglia’s Doucecroft School and Craggers very soon to see how they’ve been exploring with their hammocks and tarps, and we hope this will help these groups continue their wonderful work for those in need of support!

It's our goal going forward to continue our aim of donating sets of equipment to good causes and charities to help people enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors, and to continuesharing the stories of the people we donate to.

So if you know of a charitable group or organization who are passionate about the outdoors, or support a good cause and who would benefit from some camping gear, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch via our Charity Contact Form and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

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