DD Recycled Range

Plastic waste is a topic that has dominated headlines over the past few years. Plastic production and consumption has increased to the point where there are billions of tons being produced every year, and this number is growing exponentially.

Many of these products are single-use items, and after their life cycle they end up in our oceans and environments. Humans are now responsible for many hundreds of millions of plastics going to waste every year.

(source: www.ourworldindata.org)

As a step towards reducing this figure, we introduced the DD Recycled range in 2021. It is a small step to start, but one we plan to expand on moving forward. We already have 3 of our most popular products available that are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The main material body of these products is made from well over 200 recycled plastic bottles each. For every one manufactured and sold, this represents less plastic waste being introduced to our environment; instead we are turning it into comfortable and functional camping gear with which people can gain a higher appreciation of our landscapes.

Whilst we have not yet found an efficient way for some parts of these products to be made from recycled materials (e.g. hammock mosquito nets, webbing & attachment loops are still manufactured from non-recycled material), we are researching this and hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

We also plan to increase our DD Recycled range to incorporate more of our long-standing product range, with a view to having as much of our range made from recycled or sustainable materials as possible in future.

You can read more about the DD Recycled range of products by clicking here.

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