Office & Warehouse 


Currently over 97% of Scotland's electricity is generated from renewable sources (2021) which is very positive and there is ongoing work to reach 100% in the near future. 

Our office uses electricity for electronics, lighting etc but also gas for central heating during the colder months. Care is taken only to use heating during the hours office is occupied.

Our warehouse uses solely electricity.

Office Furniture and electronics:

Over the years we have nearly always bought second hand office furniture. Old furniture we don't use is either sold on or given away free locally. We plan to continue in this way. 

Electronic equipment:

We have always kept electronic equipment for as long as possible, trying to replace parts when things slow down / break rather than buy new and most of our computers are 5 - 10 years old and in good working order.

Food waste:

Food waste from staff lunches goes into separate food waste collection.

Packaging from lunches:

When lunch is bought from local cafes the packaging is recycled when possible (many cafes around us provide recyclable packaging). We also have basic kitchen facilities allowing staff to bring or make their own lunches.




DD Charity Update - February 2023

It's February, the month of love and appreciation! And what better way to spread the love than working in tandem with two great local charities to bring the joy of the outdoors to those in need? This month we firstly meet Barry Curley of The Ulverston Canoe Club, who's volunteers work to create oppertunities for young people and those from less dvantageous backgrounds to take part in getting outdoors. Secondly we catch up with Good News Brighton, an organisation that works within Moulsecoomb to get folks from deprived areas into wild camping areas to help heal their mental health and wellbeing.
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