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10 August 2016

Around the world on 4 wheels

By Jocasta

In 2015, a 19-year-old Richard and a team of friends - the Top Hat Explorers - drove an old car from England to Mongolia with a DD hammock each as their overnight accommodation. Not just for fun (though we expect they had plenty) - it was also in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, their chosen charity. It might surprise you to know that this daring trail run happens every year for the love of adventure and the objective of fundraising - and it’s called the Mongol Rally.

“The ultimate way to camp whilst seeing the world…”

As some of you might know from reading about DD owner Nick’s adventures over the years, the Mongol Rally is something the team is very familiar with! When we learned of the Top Hat Explorers’ ambition to do the same, we couldn’t resist getting in on the action. Provided they were up for spending the month’s journey in hammocks - and could build a similar roof-rack for their car as Nick had - we sent them off with 3 DD Frontlines.


DD Hammocks rigged to a car in Mongol Rally 2015: by Richard Matthews

“With the hammock set-up that we had, we could camp anywhere. What you can't see in this photo is that we have accidentally camped next to a landslide. We managed to find this at approximately 2am, having been driving for 16 hours straight. Even with our massive LED light bar it just looked like a dead end of a road - perfect for us.”


DD Hammocks rigged to a car in Mongol Rally 2015: by Richard Matthews

“Travelling with a hammock is the ultimate way to camp whilst seeing the world even under a tarp you are connected with nature something I feel that is lost in tent. Lying in a hammock in the shadow of a mountain, watching the stars dance across the night is one certainly my fondest memories from this photo.”


DD Hammocks join Richard Matthews for the Mongol Rally 2015

“Travel can take you anywhere in the world - it is a big place after all. Leaving the comfort of our hammocks to head into the Gobi Desert. This is the last bit of tarmac we would see for a thousand miles, as what now faced us was sand, rock, rivers and the vast openness of nothing as we get ever closer to Ulann-batar.”

Conquering Earth: what's next for Richard?

If you think the adventure stopped at the Rally, you’re mistaken. Now part of a team named Conquer Earth, Richard continues to pursue his passion for epic road travel. This summer, he’s undertaking one of the most impressive expeditions we’ve heard of to date.

Organised entirely by the man himself and a friend, the Global Convoy - beginning with yet another less-than-fancy car - aims to pick up anyone who wishes to join it, at any stage... and it’ll continue around the world.

Want to join the convoy? It doesn’t matter where in the world you are; just tag along for the ride - Richard’s team reckon the more, the merrier! Find out how to get involved in this video.

Visit Conquer Earth on youtube

Check out The Adventurists - the group behind the Mongol Rally.


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