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06 June 2019

Explorers of the Outdoors: Part 1 - Dennis & Ryuji

By Alice
Welcome to the first installment of our brand new blog series, Explorers of the Outdoors.

In this mini-blog series, we will be interviewing outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world - from bushcrafters to bikepackers, kayakers to landscape photographers.The one thing they all have in common? A passion for getting out there and exploring with their DD gear!

For years we have loved to share our customers' photos on Instagram and Facebook, to showcase their DD set-ups in stunning locations across the world. But more than that, we want to learn more about the people behind these set-ups: their motivations, memories, favourite places and sage advice. By doing this, we hope to inspire even more of you to get out and enjoy yourselves in the great outdoors!

This week, we speak to Dennis from Denmark, and Ryuji from Japan; two outdoorsmen from nearly opposite sides of the globe who share the same passion for enjoying the quiet places of the world.

Dennis, Denmark

"I love building a camp and using the area's natural materials"

 Which is your favourite piece of DD gear and why?

I really like the DD SuperLight Tarp S. It's easy to set up and easy to carry in my bag. And even though the tarp is small, it has many variations.


Where in the world is your favourite place to camp? What’s the best thing about outdoor spaces in your country?

I like to camp by the beach, and I prefer some forest nearby. I live on a small island called "Funen" and here is the coast all the way around the island. I think we have about 340 km of coast, and it is fantastic I think.


What is your happiest memory of being in the outdoors?

I love building a camp and using the area's natural materials. I have many good experiences on the coast. I remember once where the wind was calm, porpoise whales were swimming around the sea in front of me (small whales, look like dolphins). It was beautiful.


Who do you like to explore the outdoors with, and why? Or do you prefer to camp alone?

I usually prefer to camp alone. I love the silence and that I can immerse myself in what I do. When I am with someone when camping, it is usually family or friends.


What’s one piece of camping advice you would give?

Learn from your mistakes and do not be afraid to make mistakes. You only see everything perfect on Instagram, and even if your "feather sticks" look like something else, just practice again and again. The same goes for setting up your tarp and so on. Stay focused on what you want to improve and avoid becoming a sponsor from day one - you won't be a better bushcrafter because of it. It's not about the number of knives you have, but about your skills when you practice.

Follow Dennis' adventures in the wilds of Denmark on Instagram: @5000dennis_nature

Ryuji, Japan

"Hammocks are more comfortable than first-class hotel beds"


Which is your favourite piece of DD gear and why?

The DD Travel Hammock/Bivi and Tarp 3x3 -  these are very useful in that there are different ways of setting these up according to various situations.

Hammocks are more comfortable than first-class hotel beds, and tarps can survive a variety of natural environments.


Where in the world is your favourite place to camp? What’s good about outdoor spaces in your country?

Any place in the mountains or forest - the best part is the quiet time alone.


What is your happiest memory of being in the outdoors?

It was in winter, when the air was clear and it was just before dawn - it's like I became a part of nature when I heard the cry of animals at this fantastic time.


Who do you like to explore the outdoors with, and why? Or do you prefer to camp alone?

Basically, I like to camp by myself. However, one day I would like to camp with friends from across the country that I met on Instagram.


What’s one piece of camping advice you would give?

There are different ways of thinking about camping.  Some people think of it as entertainment, some think mostly of adventure, and others see it as a means to unify their mind.

My suggestion is that whether you are a beginner or a seasoned camper, you can pack your knife and this DD Hammock in your backpack and enjoy the outdoors as much as you like whenever and wherever you like!


Ryuji is a regular in the awe-inspiring forests of Japan - keep up with his travels on Instagram: @ryujitskasheer
*If you would like to read Ryuji's interview in Japanese, please find it at the bottom of this page

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*Japanese language version of Ryuji's interview:







→ 名も無き山や森林。








→ 基本的に私は一人が好きです。






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