What our customers say

We appreciate that so many of our customers have taken the time to give us their feedback. Your feedback and suggestions do matter to us and over the years has helped us improve a good number of things, helping us offer you the best service and products that we possibly can.

Fantastic... So comfortable

I just received my hammock/bivi last Thursday and have already tried it out. It's fantastic and is so comfortable. Great quality and an even better design! Thank you again.


Look forward to years of fun...

I recently bought a DD hammock and have used it out in Shropshire on the Wrekin and on Anglesey in North Wales. It is a great hobby and look forward to years of fun with it. I have loads to learn about setting up, keeping the cold out, knots and tarp set ups. I have told my friends about your products and two of them are buying hammocks and I will be getting a 4x4 tarp next. Excellent web site and products, well done DD.


Simply the best...

It was as true then as it is now 3 years on... You simply have the best products coupled with the best service of any company I have ever dealt with. The gear I purchased 3 years ago is still going strong and has many more years of service left in it. Today's purchase was for one of the new camo designed tarps. Great piece of kit.


Efficient and pleasant

I will tell my friends about your company in any event. I ordered two items from two different companies online yesterday, in response to a birthday request from one of our adult sons. Not only did we find your international prices extremely reasonable, but your delivery policies and your efficient and pleasant contacts are features many other online companies would do well to copy!


Friendly and attentive

Thank you for your very friendly, attentive, and prompt customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.


Straightforward... a pleasure to deal with

Just wanted to say thanks, received the hammock today. Really really good service from you guys, wish all companies were this straightforward and a pleasure to deal with.


Keep up the good work!

You guys are the best. Your customer service is top notch. I emailed a few questions and I got an answer in a reasonable amount of time. Your shipping is super fast. That's great. Looking forward to getting my order. Keep up the good work. I will shop from you again.


Fastest pitch ever... fantastic nights' sleep

Just returned from a weekend camp, where a combination of new Whoopie slings, ridge- line Loks and amsteel prusiks made for the fastest pitch I've ever had, even untried and in the dark. Combined with the first time use of an underblanket it made for a fantasic couple of nights sleep on the coldest weekend of the year so far, with the added benefit of waking to a woodland blanketed in snow this morning. Many thanks for great products and exemplary service.


I'll definitely come back

...Hands down some of the best customer service ever. You guys are fab! There's a limit as to how many hammocks one needs, but if I do need another one I'll definitely come back. In the meantime I'll let others know :-)


You guys are the best

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful service you guys provide and getting my Christmas Present so fast. Thank you again and have a very Merry Christmas. Oh and I almost forgot the package arrived in three days from the order date. Great Britain to Canada in 3 days!


From cold Sweden to warm Thailand...

I live in Sweden. I love the outdoors, especially with your products. I bought my first DD hammock 2 years ago and thought to myself - never more will I sleep in a shelter or on the ground. Now I have a DD frontline and a bivi with 3x3 tarps, I have slept in them both in cold Sweden and in warm Thailand and I love them!!


Helpful information

Many many thanks for all your information. I wish BMW were as helpful...and I spent £20k with them!


Kindness and patience

The new Bergen arrived and it's a beauty, a really nice piece of kit, strong robust and waterproof. I tried it out immediately as it was bucketing down and when I returned everything was 'dry za' bone.' The color is not quite as bright as in the photograph and my wife loves it so if she is pleased, then so am I. I am seriously considering buying another, this time for myself, as the quality is much better than what I have at the moment despite costing a lot more. Special thanks to P.P. for her helpfulness, kindness and patience, you've made an old expat very happy. Again, Many Thanks, keep up the good work and great service.


A very helpful team!

The items I ordered from you late yesterday afternoon arrived at 0930 this morning to Northern Ireland.

Great service and you have a very helpful team. As a novice you have replied to all my emails very helpfully and very quickly. The service you provide is 2nd to none. I very much like having everything included in the price, the postage and VAT. It makes for a very easy shopping experience.

Excellent service and true to your word. So I send you my thanks.

Tim Connoly

Fantastic equipment

Many thanks again for a truly excellent service and fantastic equipment.




A superb product

Hi, I had a chance to review your Camping Hammock and I have to say, it is fabulous. Lightweight, strong, ready to use with very good webbing.

You can find a review at:


Thanks for producing such a superb product!


Fab customer service

Thanks so much, your customer service has been fab and it will definitely be getting a mention next time we are around the campfire with our friends!


First class service

Many thanks for the first class service I have received! Within 2 days my underblanket and superlight karabiners were here! Excellent. Can't wait to use both! Should make my life a lot more comfy/easy!

Dom Barratt

Will certainly be recommending you...

Thank you for all of your communication and for answering all of my questions, the hammock is fantastic and I will certainly be recommending you to whoever wants a hammock saying that you're a great company, your products are great quality and your customer services are brilliant, I will certainly be buying from you again. 

Luke Barrow

Helpful details

I just wanted to let you know that my friends told me about this website as they use it on a regular basis and are very pleased with it and recommended it to me. Once my products have arrived I feel as if I will get more equipment as well as the videos alongside - the details are very helpful. Thank you.


Best piece of gear...

I just got my lightweight jungle hammock...it is the best piece of gear I have purchased so far, genuinely excited!


Very happy

I just bought the DD MC Frontline Hammock, MC tarp and MC Sleeve. I'm very happy and impressed with it!


2 nights on the west coast of Scotland... Amazing

I recently bought the camping hammock and tarp along with a few other pieces. I used the hammock for 2 nights on the west coast of Scotland and it was amazing. I used a ccf mat and it insulated me fine but due to the foam mats large pack size I'm seriously considering buying your Underblanket. Many thanks and love your products. Graham



You lot are righteous!  I'll be telling random people on the street about DD Hammocks!


Amazing (albeit unreasonable) customer service...

I recently ordered your DD 3x3 Tarp, and by “recently” I mean THREE days ago. I live near Chicago in the United States, and I expected my order to take at least a week to get here. I don’t recall paying any extra for a rush shipment, but I received my shipment in TWO days from the UK. That’s crazy!!! I can’t tell you have ecstatic I am with your insanely irrational approach to customer service. Of course, not only was the shipping impressive, this tarp is fantastic. I can’t wait to use it. I've been debating on where I’m going to get my hammock gear, and I now have absolutely no doubt. You have earned a lifetime customer. Thanks for the amazing (albeit unreasonable) customer service and quality of products.


Will certainly be recommending...

Fantastic service, very impressive I will certainly be recommending you to the other scout groups in Liverpool.


A life-saver during the Mongol Rally...

The hammocks have been amazing during the (Mongol Rally) trip, a real life saver they have kept us away from rabid dogs, wolves and most importantly tarmac! We even tried them out on as ground tents which they also performed excellently.
I don't think I will travel any where without my hammock.



Totally outstanding

I put in two orders over the last week and both orders were shipped to Dublin Ireland within 2 days ! Totally outstanding service ( not to mention the quality kit received).



I love your hammocks, they are the best! I recommend them all the time to my friends.


The MC range is amazing

I have been in touch a few times regarding my DD collection, you even feature me on your DDTV inspirations section which I am very proud about - also on the customer pictures section. I have just purchased a new part to my DD collection with the MC Hammock Sleeve. Can I just say that the new MC range is amazing. if it would of been out earlier I 100% would of got the DD MC Frontline Hammock. however, I have settled with the DD Travel hammock. I love the travel hammock as it is waterproof. I recently purchased the MC 3x3 which is world class and I have just put my order in for the DD MC Hammock sleeve. I am sure I will be just as happy with the product when it comes. Thank you for all your hard work.



Under 24 hours!

My hammock and tarp just arrived in under 24 hours even without the next day delivery option i'm impressed :) I look forward to testing them out on the scout october camp and later on my D of E hopefully :)


A very happy 10-year-old...

We have a very happy ten year old who is very pleased with his multicam Frontline hammock and T shirt!  Absolutely wonderful service from everyone at DD hammocks and DPD - well done!  I am sure that I will place another order for some bits and bobs and a hammock for a friend at some point in the near future.


Won't return to ground-dwelling...

Hi there, I'm a massive fan of hammocks and treat them as my "go to" when I'm bike touring or wild camping. I have two DD hammocks with tarps and under blanket taboot. I'm a big fan of your company, as such I recommend you everywhere I go. You've had quite a few of my friends now buy from you. They have all been really happy and wouldn't return to ground dwelling.


...Didn't want to leave the woods!

I can't believe it took me this long to become a hammock-sleeper. I tried my DD hammock this weekend and I did not want to leave the woods. It's such a great product. You have a new and satisfied user that will spread the word about your greatness for sure!!


Need a few more!

I already have a DD Frontline that I brought last year; one of the other leaders was so impressed that he wants to purchase his own, and a further 6 for our scouts.


Extremely pleased

I have received my DD Frontline Hammock (and sleeve) and am extremely pleased with the items. I purchased a DD Hammock after trying my friends Travel Hammock and found that  either the Frontline or Travel seemed to offer the best value for money for a two layer hammock with a mosquito net built in. So thanks again for the great products.


Made me late for work!!

Everything is fine, I already made my whoopie slings myself, attached to my hammock with the underblanket and the new ultralight tarp to and spent last night on the trees in my backyard. The only problem was that I slept to well and woke up late for work :D. Thank you folks for ruinning my day, ha,ha.....


Amazing product quality

My boyfriend used the hammock for the first time today amazing product quality construction and so easy to put up and down!


Useful and reliable

Thanks for shipping my hammock out on such short notice. The website and customer service were excellent and I was very impressed with the product itself. Thanks for being useful and reliable. Hope to to use the site again soon.


Back for more...

I have just tried my new Superlight setup and I love it so much I've ordered a second Superlight Hammock. I'm loving the free t-shirts too, they're really comfy and actually fit for a change. Take care, and thanks for the awesome products. I've had a couple of full sets and will be back for more!


Very satisfied... best tarp so far

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very satisfied with my 3m x 3m tarp. I've used it now for a few different hiking trips in different countries and weather conditions. It is by far the best tarp I’ve used so far. Few pro’s versus the tent (our buddies used a tent this year)

- Light weight (tarp + 2 bivack bags + straps, rope, bungee cords, pegs) below 2.2 kg
- Good view (we placed the tarp against the wind with the opening to beautiful views)
- Easy to find a sleeping spot (it took us quite some time to find proper flat ground for the tent, with the tarp we could easily find a place, as long as you can lay good, the tarp will fit around it somehow.)
- Shelter during the day (during a rest)
- Adaptive to the weather conditions (temperature, wind, rain)
- Adaptive to the environment

- Privacy on a camping before and after the trip
- Insects! At some spots the amount of mosquitoes where outrageous. Luckily our bivack bag has a net in it.

I just wanted to share this with you thank you for such a good product.


Highest praises

I received my MC 3x3 Tarp today. I am very impressed with your quality product and prompt service! I would not hesitate to do further business with you and will also recommend others. I will be posting a YouTube video with highest praises. Thank you!



Impressive service and quality

I spoke to you recently on the telephone about how impressed I was with your service and quality and value of your products. I mentioned also that I would do a brief review of your new multicam tarp on my YouTube channel. Your chap asked me to send you a link to this video, hence my email. So thank you again and here's the link to video below



Faultless service, sheer quality of workmanship

From ordering online, conformation of the order, and notifications of the delivery progress; your service has been absolutely faultless and a pleasure; so first of all, let me congratulate and thank you for that.

Secondly, I would like to commend you all on the sheer quality and workmanship of all items relating to the Hammock system. Please, please, please keep up the good work, quality control and production of extremely high quality products. A big thumbs up to a British company. Well done.

Neil Jackson

Great products and excellent service

Thank you for a fantastic FL Hammock and MC Tarp. Used both the first night I received them and was very impressed. Fantastic quality too. I was so pleased to see that the mosquito net is fine enough to keep out the dreaded midges!! Thank you again for great products and excellent service.

Jamie Forsyth

A massive thank you...

“A massive thank you for making such a good product! I’ve had loads of kit from you over the years but the 3x3 tarp I bought 5 years ago has been outstanding. I’ve used it for hundreds of nights in the wild all over the UK, in all manner of conditions, I even took it to a music festival one year as my main shelter!

After all its good service I have decided to retire it by using it as a front porch for my yurt that I live in full time. It looks great and thought you might like a picture. I’ll be ordering a super light model for the camping gear soon! Thanks again guys, keep up the good work.”

Dan Payne

I love it!

The items arrived. I love it! Thank you very much, this weekend I will try it in the south of Brazil, next to Uruguay and Argentina. Many thanks.


Astounding delivery service

Big thank you for my order, all looks too good to use! Delivery service absolutely astounding; I’ll be back for sure!


Perfect size and weight for wild camping

The tarp arrived today and I am more than a little happy with it. It is exactly what I was after. I have taken a few pictures so you can see what my plan for it is and why the rolled size was so important. As you can see I have managed to get it down to not much bigger than a bottle of Lucozade. With it that size I am able to slip it into a single ammo pouch for British Military webbing. The space around it will comfortably hold the pegs etc. An absolutely perfect size and weight for wild camping.


What phenomenal service!

What phenomenal service! My quilt arrived this morning and I can hardly express my amazement. I suspect that the next piece of gear I buy from DD will arrive while I'm still thinking about it here in the USA!


Careful and caring

Thank you so much for your careful attention to my orders. This makes me know that you are careful and caring with all your customers.


I wish every company dealt with its customers as you do

Your products are great and service amazing. I wish every company dealt with its customers as you do. Thank you very much.


Easy setup and super comfy

Got my order just in time to go camping. It was pretty sweet. Easy setup and super comfy. Will recommend you to all my friends.


We bought 12 hammocks....

We bought 12 hammocks from you last week. This weekend we put them to use. They were a great success!


Wonderful experience

I purchased a DD 3x3 Tarp at 3am and got it at 8am the next day! I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with the product, it is fantastic. I live in the Americas so it arriving at my door in 29 hours is unbelievable. I just have to say if this is how you guys run your company I will definitely be buying from you again. Thank you for this wonderful experience.


Easy to set up and put away

I have used my DD Hammock 3 times now I just want to say how pleased I am with it! The first night sleep was the first time of using a hammock and temps were down to 4?. I had no role mat or mattress, to say it was a cold night was an understatement!

The second time was a lot warmer and the hammock is so easy to set up and put away. A big thank you to a company that puts value, quality and price together and makes a brilliant product.


Amazed at your dedication to customers

Thank you so so much for your help! I have been very busy recently and have only just checked my emails after receiving the new whoopie sling from you, which was a massive surprise to me! I am truly astounded with the response and customer service which I have received.

What a fantastic company and service you are providing to your customers, I am looking to buy one of your DD underblankets in the future, and since I have had this experience with yourself and the company I am now a loyal member for life, again I cannot overstate my amazement at your company’s dedication to their customers! I have and will continue to recommend DD to all my camping and outdoor friends and family.


A faithful user

I am a faithful user of DD products. I own two tarps, a Frontline Hammock and your top and under quilt. It all really seems to work well together!!


Instant convert to the hammock

I have an old style frontline and last week was the first time I had managed to get out in it. I’m an instant convert to the hammock. My wife woke in the tent (with the children) having had a cold night. The scouts spent the night in their tents wearing most of their clothes. I, on the other hand, was toasty warm all night with none of the aches from a night on the ground. The build quality is fantastic and the hammocks are so customisable. I have already got some ideas to improve my set up. Thanks again. Now, wonder if I can justify a new sleeping bag…


Helpful website

I want to say how helpful your website is and I'm yet to go out in my new hammock - going out in it in a couple of weeks, but all the advice I would need, I have found on your website. Well done.


Absolute satisfaction

May I take this opportunity to express my absolute satisfaction in the delivery of my DD Tarp in just one day - outstanding! I purchase items here in the States and do not get that type of delivery. I have not used it yet however, after an initial inspection, I must say the quality and materials used seem to be top notch and for that I commend you. I look forward to future purchases. Thanking you for your diligence.




Super! Thanks for good and fast service! BTW I have the frontline, and LOOOOOVE it!


Extremely versatile

I love your gear! I have two tarps a hammock and now the quilt and under blanket - all of which are excellent quality and extremely versatile; and I'm well happy recommending your gear, keep it up!


Very fast shipping

Wow! Very fast shipping! I'm very happy with my order. Looking forward to the snow melting so I can try them out!


Well made and packaged perfectly

A big thank you for the fantastic service and fantastic products. The Jungle Hammocks and quilts are brilliant. Well made and packaged perfectly. Tracking the delivery through DPD was easy and very impressive. Roll on our 6 month cycle tour next year. Thank you again to all at DD Hammocks!


Love your customer service

Love your customer service!!! Will most likely return shortly and order the Jura 2!  


Great service, great website

I just received my hammock, tarp and T-shirt! Super fast delivery and very pleased so far. Great service, great website (loads of tips and advice). Thanks again :)




All I could have wished for

My new Superlight Hammock kit has arrived and is all I could have wished for, so thanks! 


I’ll be back

My camping hammock arrived around 22 hours after ordering. Absolutely brilliant. I'll be back.


Very happy indeed

Just received my tarp, fantastic product and fantastic service. Will be ordering two Jungle hammocks and two quilts on Friday. Very happy indeed!


Thanks for a great piece of kit

Travelling in the San Rafael wilderness in California during January 2015. No trees, but still made good use of the hammock to keep my kit together, keep the frost off my sleeping bag and keep anything that might bite me out. Thanks for a great piece of kit.


Excellent delivery service

Many thanks for this excellent delivery service - by way of feedback, the French transporter Chronopost are excellent in their communication. I'm looking forward to trying out the tarp on a solo motorcycle off-road trip to the Sahara! I'll send a photo when I get there! 



Wonderful service

Every time I have purchased something from your company I can't believe how quick that it comes to me, thank you for your wonderful service and I will be recommending you to as many people as I can. Thank you very much.


Amazed at the quality of service

Still amazed at the quality of service offered by DD Hammocks, massive thanks again.


Slept more than 8 months in the Jungle Hammock

Thank you for the amazing jungle hammock! I travelled the last 14 months all over Central America and slept more than 8 months in the jungle hammock. I bought it back in Germany before I started my trip. The hammock from DD was the best investment so far. Best regards from Panama!


Pleased with my Travel Hammock

Cannot tell you how pleased I am with my Travel Hammock, and the interest my friends have in it when shown!


The world could learn a lot...

The world could learn a lot from your customer service!


Thanks for your continued efforts to go outdoors

I have a back injury and thought I'd never go camping again then I found you..and now I can! So thank you for your continued efforts to go outdoors!


Got it this morning.... HOW?

Got it this morning.... HOW? Why can't all online sellers be as efficient as you guys?!


Wild camping in France

Showed my DD set up to a good friend of mine, he was so impressed he ordered pretty much the same set up as me. ( It’s on its way to France as we speak, speedily dispatched as always, thank you). We are now off to France in May for a wild camp!! Can't wait to get out there with all my DD kit. Many thanks!



A good product AND you take care of your customers

I recently bought the XL tarp and other than one loose thread I am happy with the build quality, but what really set your company apart for me besides the huge loyal following you have built and the countless good reviews of your product, was the two day free shipping to America. I was very impressed that on top of a good product, you seemed to also do what you can to take care of your customers.


I’ll recommend DD Hammocks

I am very happy with the quality of the hammock and also the accessories that I included on my purchase. It was a great pleasure to do business with you, I will recommend your products for other friends mine.



I slept like a baby... at -18ºC

Hello there! I bought DD Jungle Hammock & DD Underblanket from you guys some time ago, and I´ve been extremely happy with the gear. Attached is a pic from this weekend. (In addition to the hammock and underblanket, I used a sleeping bag "Carinthia Defence 4"). Temperature at the time of the picture being taken was approximately -18ºC (-0.4ºF), and I must say that I slept like a baby during my trip. It snowed a bit, but the cover worked perfectly and no tarp was needed, even though there was a bit of wind blowing.

Underblanket is such a nice addition to comfort, and in certain conditions a must. Your products have made year-round camping & hunting such a pleasure for me!  




Long time, happy use of DD Hammocks

I've been a long time, very happy user of your travel hammock since 2010, I’ve used it in Germany, Spain, and many times in the UK... and have sung it's praises to many, many people!


You guys are awesome!

I just wanted to drop a line and say how awesome you guys are! I got my tarp today and I still can't believe how quickly it got here! Keep on doing what you're doing! I'll be sure to spread the word about you guys!


Prompt delivery

Thank you for your prompt delivery and quality product. I purchased the 3x3 tarp and I am very pleased with it.


I’m really impressed

Thank you very much for sending out my order so quickly. I received my tarp yesterday and I'm really impressed with both the quality of the item and the speed in which my order was dispatched. I would highly recommend you to friends.


More comfortable than a memory foam mattress!

Your hammock is even more comfortable than my (expensive) memory foam mattress. Not only will I never sleep on the ground while camping, I sleep in it at home instead of the bed!


Call me a DD addict

A compliment from the Netherlands... I've got a lot of your gear now (call me a DD addict) and I wanted to compliment you on your gear!! It's highly customizable, it's RIDICULOUSLY well built (seriously, how do you guys do that for the money?!) and most importantly: it's really comfy & easy to use. I've got a DD Frontline, heavily customized to my liking, it's an amazing hammock which pleases me every time I sleep in it (the smell alone haha). I lent it out a couple of times and everyone loves it. Got a SuperLight hammock, which I love, especially during winter when the midges are gone. I mean come on.. a hammock which fits in my pocket?! :D

Got the DD under quilt, which, well.. again.. I love. Warm, snug, easy to use, small.I can go on. Got the 3x3 tarp, the SL tarp and the XL tarp. All ruddy awesome! Obviously all your suspension stuff, also top notch. Recently got the DD Bergen, and to be honest I just had to mod the crap out it, and it's an absolutely awesome piece of kit: for that money I've got the most customizable and modular pack I ever had!!

The quality is out of this world, I still don't understand how you do this.. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you have a HUGE DD fan here in the Netherlands and I am trying to get as many of my mates to convert as well. So in short: please keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing it right!!  


Awesome gear

A massive thanks for helping me out with some awesome gear. I've had the hammock, tarp and underquilt out a few times now and I'm really impressed. I've swapped over to the whoopie sling suspension kit as well which is doing a great job. Really like the entire set up! Definitely recommend DD Hammocks and tarps to others, my mates have seen my set up and think it’s great. Must say I'm bitten by the bug now and I will no doubt be back. Just had a customer telling me about the new superlight hammock and superlight tarp he got from you and it’s got my attention.  



Good bit of kit

Been using your new cooker for the past two days with a group of school children. Good bit of kit the kids loved it. Regards, Ian


Over the moon

This is the first time I have ever dealt with your company and I would like to congratulate you on the professionalism of your staff, especially Zana. She couldn't have helped me more, and her patience was second to none, especially after my third phone call. My colleagues and I are over the moon with our purchases and we will not be going anywhere else in future. A customer for life. 



Hi DD Team!  I love your hammocks! And I especially enjoy it to spend the night with my four year old daugter in one of my DD hammocks. But it would be super cool to be able to enjoy that experiences with my wife, too! Are you going to produce a special DD hammock for two adults?! Could complete your great hammock portfolio! Greetings from Germany, Fabi



Thanks for your attention to detail

The delivery speed of my jungle hammock was unbelievable. It took only two days to arrive from the UK and I'm in Louisiana, USA. The hammock is exactly what I expected and was looking for. The material seems very well constructed and strong.

I'm extremely glad I also purchased the sleeve because it makes take-down very easy. I have not yet got to test it with actual camping, but can’t wait. Ultimately, I look forward to purchasing more products from your company and may overly satisfied with my purchase. Thank You DD Hammock for your attention to detail and quality product.


Quality piece of ‘escape’ kit

A massive thanks for the Tarp I am using on my Escape Colditz Challenge. You can see it in action in my blog. On the wet nights it has saved me and kept my "escape" alive. I am half way through leaving Colditz Castle (the infamous WWII Oflag made famous by the TV series) and walking 600km unsupported to Switzerland. Only about 8 more days to go! Thanks again for a quality piece of escape kit and please share my challenge with your staff and friends and encourage them to support my fundraising for the Fred Hollows Foundation.


Keep up the good work!

I am impressed with my recent purchase of a Superlight Tarp. I'm impressed by the quality of material, build and provision of attachments. Having only seen its performance in a light shower I can't say how it compares with the regular tarp when the heavens open. It almost had me hoping for a real downpour over the weekend! Keep up the good work!


Fantastic service as always!

My order has arrived safe and sound already! Fantastic service as always, thanks guys.


Nice bit of kit, very fair price

I am on my first trip with my new underblanket and it's been great. A really nice bit of kit for a very fair price. Keep up the good work!


You far outdistance your peers

A few days ago I ordered a hammock, tarp and underquilt....thanks for the t-shirt. The reason I am writing was to say how shocked I was today when the items arrived. Your claim that shipments to the US would take 3 days was spot on. Whatever you are doing far outdistances your peers. That is hard to comprehend that an order could get here that fast. Keep up the good work.


I’m stoked! Nice work

Hey DD team, I just received my latest order from you and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was (again) with your service. You got my order from Edinburgh to Sussex in 24 hours, and the items themselves are excellent. For what it's worth, here are my feelings on the individual items: Really glad you have started adding beads to your whoopie slings! I very nearly came unstuck with your earlier style beadless whoopies on a couple of occasions, and have resorted to tying a small loop around each one to prevent accidental slip-through. Anyway, it's a small thing that makes a difference, so thank you. These line-locks are a lot more serious than I imagined - bomb-proof plastic, and gets a solid grip on my paracord. I'm sure they'll come in useful.

Now the meat of the order; the DD underquilt. I'm very happy. I'd love a really awesome down underquilt, but I just don't have the money. For a third of the price you have just sold me a really awesome synthetic underquilt. I'm stoked. The rigging system creates a snug fit, even on my DIY super-wide hammock, and adjusting to fit a diagonal lie works great. Nice work. Thank you again for your outstanding service, and I look forward to throwing more money your way soon!


A great night's sleep!

All arrived safe and well 48 hours after placing the order. My son and I tested out our pair of DD Hammocks this weekend – a great night’s sleep for both of us. Fantastic product – as ever! 



Thank you for the great hammock

Last weekend I slept for first time in my travel hammock, under a DD Tarp. It was great and I sleep like a baby in the Eifel Forest, Germany Thank you for the great Hammock.


Quick at getting stuff across the pond!

Wow, quicker getting stuff across the pond than here on my own continent (I’m in Canada). Great product. 


Wearing my new DD T-Shirt

Wow, fast delivery! Package arrived today - very pleased with all the gear and wearing my nice new t-shirt too..... Thanks again, I'll be recommending you to whoever I can.



Thank you so much for the delivery of my DD Hammock. I got it in 2 days (UK to Czech Republic) - amazing. And I love it!


I’m instantly convered!

Ibought the camping hammock, and in little to no time it arrived at my door this morning :) First impressions were very good, I sew/embroider for a living and the fabric quality is very good, reinforced areas and stitching is very reassuring. I already see where your woopie slings would have come in handy, so that’s next on my list.

I'm laying in it right now as I type, and I’m instantly converted!! Thank you for excellent customer service and a quality product, I'll be back for more in the future without hesitation ;) 


I’m loving your products

Hey Wonderful DD Team, I'm loving your products and have featured them in some of them in my videos. I will be vigorously promoting to people who are a looking for a tarp to cover their hammock and also turn into a tent if a hammock cannot be hung in the location.



I truly love your hammock design

I truly love your hammock design. Very comfortable sleep and easy set up. Handled very nice in our heavy rains last night and look forward to a lot more hammock camping in the future. Thank you from Canada.


Did a great job!!

I would like to share with you some pictures I took in North Norway, on the Troms Border Trail, where me and my friend Andrea, used a DDTarp 3x3 meters. I have already used it in other occasions and I was already happy about it, but this time it was really necessary to us and it did a great job!!

So, thanks again for this great product!


Well done DD...

First impressions were good, small pack, and very light - all good there. I took the Tarp out to have a look at it in my Garden, again impressed - all points well done, double stitch, no flaws, I liked the look and feel of the Tarp. Friday afternoon I set off with my pack to a local woods and I soon found a good place to camp, it took me about 10 minutes to set up. The Diamond configuration worked well, low profile & loads of room.

The Tarp was good in the wind, had no problems - it stood up to the wind really well, all in all over the weekend my confidence grew in the Tarp and I look forward to getting out again and using it soon. Well done DD - first time I have used any of your gear but think I will buy more now... glad I got this Tarp 460g!



Certainly beats camping on hard ground!

We were so pleased with the Frontline Hammock we bought for our recent backcountry camping and canoeing trip in Ontario, Canada. It certainly beats camping on hard ground! It was the best night’s sleep I have ever had camping.


It's awesome - thanks so much.

I recently received one of your DD camping hammocks, and I have a complaint - WHY did I not buy one YEARS ago?? It's awesome - thanks so much.


Slept like a log...

Awesome kit, slept like a log ( although that may have been the red wine )

Very happy customer!!


Highly delighted with the quality

I've received my order, on time as promised.

I am highly delighted with the quality of all of them; the hammock, tarp and net, plus the action pack.

I have read all the reviews and watched the reviews on YouTube but none of them do them justice.

Absolutely fantastic, incredible, can't fault them at all.

One very minor thing, I ordered 6 pegs and guy lines, unfortunately there is only 5 pegs, not to worry that doesn't alter my opinion at all.

Thank You Very Much, keep up the good work.


Affects my time fishing against kipping!

I purchased one of your frontline hammocks for when I fish overnight and would like to say it supports my weight with no trouble. It is so comfortable and affects my time fishing against kipping. A great piece of kit thank you very much.


An awesome bit of kit

Thanks for such a speedy delivery. I also have to say what an awesome bit of kit it is, I've put it up in the garden to familiarise myself with it. Can't wait to get out in my canoe and go wild camping ASAP!!


Tough and trustworthy

Used my new XL tarp a couple of times now, as an extension on my force 10 mk4, and as a shelter on the east coast of Yorkshire. Wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this versatile bit of kit. A* quality, tough and trustworthy. Would recommend to campers, bushcraft, even just for garden shade. First class service from DD. Thank you all


Will definitely recommend

Thank you for all the advice and really quick postal service from DD Hammocks. I will definitely recommend DD Hammocks to all my friends and family.


Outstanding customer service

Thank you for the extremely speedy delivery of a scout hammock and tarp. Always impressed by the outstanding customer service, and by the quality of the kit. Ready to recommend at any time.


Second to none

Many thanks DD for a fast delivery, only a small order yesterday and received in the post this morning...Wish all suppliers could follow your lead. Second to none service.


Over the moon!

Bought one of your XL tarps took it out to my yacht in the canaries to use as a sun shade . The best thing I have bought - thank you good quality hard wearing tarp!

Over the moon - delivered on time at a good price.



GOT IT TODAY. UNBELIEVABLE!! Sh*t, does Superman work for y'all? Anyway great tarp, great company. Ultra fast shipping. When I hike the AT next spring I'm sure many will want it. I can't wait to get outside and do some of the configurations that Silva has posted. Way too cool.

Absolutely love it. This should light up the woods - the colour rules. So glad I went with it. Will also help make the inside of the tent/tarp a little brighter on cloudy days.


Slept like a baby.

My first night in the hammock, on the western side of Pen-y-Ghent, Yorkshire Dales. Slept like a baby, great bit of kit.



Incredibly fast shipping

I just want to say, incredibly fast shipping. Received my tarp before I received other items ordered prior on Amazon. Wow, and that's from across the pond. Thank you.


Very impressed...

Hi, I've just received my 3x3 tarp and am very impressed with both the quality of it and the speed of delivery. I will certainly be recomending you. 


Great build quality

Outstanding delivery speed, thanks very much. Out of the packet, very impressed indeed, smaller pack size than I imagined, and great build quality. I am looking forward to playing around rigging it at the weekend. Thanks once again for outstanding service.



Best 3 nights' sleep I've ever had outdoors

Hi! Just wanted to let you know the superlight hammock and bug net arrived safe last Monday and have given me the best 3 nights sleep I've ever had outdoors. Many thanks!


Truly amazing

Delivered to Okeechobee, FLorida, at approx 9:30 a.m. on May 27, 2014. I was advised that the package had been dispatched on May 23 at 7:14 a.m. Four days is truly amazing, especially considering that there was a Bank Holiday in UK and Memorial Day holiday in the US on Monday.

Have unpacked and photographed to post (beside a can of Diet Coke) on HF. Will set up later on. Bit awkward among the cypress trees. MANY THANKS!! 


A pleasure to deal with

Thank you all at DDHammocks - I received my hammock sleeve and additional tarp speedily and in good order. Thank you for the wallet and the T-shirt too. I'll make sure they get put to good use. You folks have been a pleasure to deal with and I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested in a good hang. I heard about you and your hammock from The Ultimate Hang. His review is what convinced me. I am looking forward to many nights in my new modular jungle hammock.


Absolutely love it

I've been out a few nights with the superlight hammock and absolutely love it! Have not had the opportunity to test the tarp yet, but I'm going for a overnighter with my son this weekend, and the tarp will surely come along! 


Slept like a baby, stayed dry

Ordered a hammock and tarp from you a few weeks ago and was amazed it came the next day, outstanding service. I used it on a wild camping trip in Scotland 2 weeks ago in , I would say challenging conditions. First night was ok but had a few teething problems ( my fault as only had chance to put it up once before going ) 2nd night slept like a baby ,stayed dry and felt a lot less like falling out.

Really pleased with my purchase and have recommended the hammock to all who will listen.

Have been after a good hammock for a couple of years but have never been justified in paying out for something untried ,and money is tight these days. A very satisfied and happy customer.


Very good products

I really like the sleeping bag is very comfortable in the hammock, the underblanket fits very well in the hammock. Thank you very much for the help with the purchase and shipping. They are very good products. Greetings from Ecuador.



Brilliant service!

Many thanks. Items arrived today, mid morning. Brilliant service! Great product, can't wait to get back to the woods and give it a go.


Quality and craftsmanship

I just received a tarp I ordered 2 days ago. I live in California, USA. I am extremely impressed with your shipping and delivery time. I have not used the product yet but I did take it out of its sack to inspect it and I am pleased to tell you that I am more than happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the tarp.

Thank you for having a kick-ass company that delivers great products.


Service is top notch

Wow! You are so helpful. Your service is top notch, and I will be spreading the word to my friends on the GREAT service. I hope your business does better than you could dream. Thank you for all your help.

A Life Long Customer


Customer friendliness

Thanks for your fast response. I am excited for the new product and will order it soon. There is no other manufacture with such good products, good prices and customer friendliness like DD Hammocks.




I love all of it...

I ordered my things monday, got them today, which is just awesome. I have now made two purchases at your store, and I must say the quality of the products is just superb. I love all of it, my Jungle Hammock, Tarp, Underblanket etc. even the stuff sacks are nice. Furthermore, I would like to thank your customer service for a very nice job, wrote two emails regarding tracking numbers, and both times they did not hesite to give me those. Thank you.


Great product and service

Thank you for your excellent service, I ordered a 4.5 x 3 m tarp on Thursday and it arrived here in Helsinki Finland today Tuesday, well done on a great product and service.


Top notch company

Underblanket arrived first thing this morning and the T-shirt fits a treat. Thanks for all your help and for getting my stuff to me so quickly, 'DD' will be recommended to all my mates as a top notch company,


Prices and service - exceptional.

Items arrived very fast (especially for standard delivery). Delighted with them, the prices and the service - exceptional. Have passed your details to my camping / canoeing colleagues. Thank you and best wishes for your business.


Incredible service

Thank you for sending my order out so quick. What incredible service from DD Hammocks, that's the quickest order I've ever had delivered by any company.


Well done guys...

What an amazing service you guys give. I cant believe that I ordered a few bits yesterday around 4pm and they have arrived already! And that's with standard post?? Well done guys, keep it up!


Quality kit... Absolutely brilliant

I ordered whoopie slings on Thursday and they arrived in South Wales on Friday. I would like to congratulate you on,not only quality kit, but a fast and efficient delivery. I'm recommending your company to friends and family. Absolutely brilliant.



Looking forward to my wild camping trips!

If anyone's thinking of buying a DD tarp and hammock, I can highly recommend DD products. I'm over the moon with my 3x3m tarp and frontline hammock - really impressed with mesh netting and double zips for getting in and out either side, and with the little handy lightweight poles for keeping netting in place, really looking forward to my wild camping trips.

I can also recommend the great lightweight karabiners; very strong! The postal service is 2nd to none, very quick, many thanks DD - everything is very much appreciated.


I'll be back!

I am very impressed with your tarp and just as impressed with the super fast shipping. Nice job. I'll be back! Thank you very much! 


A great experience

Thank you so much for your support. The hammock came just in time, and I was able to use the hammock just fine, it was a great experience. I will send you some pictures. Greetings from Ecuador.



Exceptional customer service

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What an exceptional customer service. Fantastic product and a fantastic company. Thank you again. 


Amazing... Top notch

As per usual DDHammocks has outdone themselves and managed to get my package to me right around the same time I pressed submit on my order.. Amazing. Thank you again for being top notch!!



Excellent service. Excellent follow up. Thanks and best regards to you.


I will be passing on the word

I am more than impressed with the quality of both the hammock and 3m tarp but I could not believe that it would be at my door at 1030 this morning. U.S Customs did a butch job on the repackage but the material is in good shape none the less. Thanks for the t-shirt. I will be passing on the word of your products and great customer service.



Great service and a great product. Many thanks guys! Arrived today, thrilled.


Three days to Canada!

Wow, you guys are going an outstanding job! The products that you sell are great, and fairly priced. And all shipping included in the cost even for international orders?! That's amazing! I live in Vancouver, Canada, and my order arrived in about three days, THREE DAYS! That's incredible!

Anyhow, thank you so much for the good work you are all putting up. I can tell you for certain that I will be recommending your business to all my friends and fellow campers here in B.C. Canada! Looking forward to my next camping trip!


Very useful chat

Very impressed by DD Hammocks. My email enquiry was replied to in detail, very quickly, and when I called for additional information I got through immediately and had a very useful chat. Excellent service. When I then ordered my Jungle hammock it arrived the next day. I’ll be ordering more from this company.


Your equipment has helped me...

I suffer from a very debilitating illness called Trigeminal neuralgia. I purchased a Frontline hammock a 3x3 tarp and various other bits from you and just wanted you to know how much your equipment has helped me when I'm not in pain. I bug out to recover for a day or weekend following an attack and I'm never far from my DD kit as I have a pack ready at all times. Thanks for all your help and service.


Can't wait to hit the woods

I just received my Jungle Hammock and I LOVE IT!!! The hammock is GREAT and it was a super fast ship! Thank you also for the "surprise" T-Shirt! I can't wait to hit the woods with the new hammock!  

Mary L.

So impressed with the delivery time

A HUGE thanks for delivering my order so swiftly! I ordered a 3x3 tarp on monday afternoon and by the next morning it had arrived! I was so impressed with the delivery time! Thanks again guys, im sure I will make more orders soon!


Look forward to dealing with you again

Thank you for very fast delivery of my DD Pack combo deal, received 24 hours after ordering! Although I haven't tried any of the gear out I have inspected it all and found it to be superb quality. I look forward to dealing with you again very soon.


A customer for life

Thank you for not only some of the best products of this type on the market, but also your excellent customer service. I have had opportunity to ask a question and was answered in record time by your helpful staff.

I have also ordered several of your products now and find that not only are your prices extremely fair, but also your shipping speed is literally light-years ahead of your competition. I understand that you are a cottage type business I am pleased to do business with such an outstanding, exemplary company. You have made me a customer for life.



Money well spent!

I purchased from you in June a Frontline and a Sleeve and this has really been money well spent! What a great piece of gear. Congratulations for your top quality products.


The perfect hammock...

Not happy! I spent at least 5 hours and a few pints with a mate on a recent motorcycle trip designing the perfect hammock to carry on our bikes when touring, only to find you guys have already done it - right down to the double skin base! Anyway, well done, it looks like a great product.


Great stuff

Thank you for the great stuff you sent me. Rest assured that my friends back in manila will have news on your hammocks and other gear.




Excellent customer service

Just received my dd combi pack at 08.40 only ordered yesterday morning - superb service, thanks to Penny and Nick for their excellent customer service. Hope to give it a good test this weekend!


Very comfy

Thanks for prompt shipping! Got it, set it up, we both love it and will be flipping coins to use it. Our poms love it too. Test hung using foam ground pad with underquilt , Very comfy.

Mike and Reeda

Ordered a set on the spot

Last weekend we were running a Scout Backwoods Camp, roughing it in the wilds of Hampshire. One morning, one of leaders (ex military) produced a cracking hammock & bivi sheet. We were so impressed that the District Commissioner and myself whipped out iphones/pads and ordered a duplicate set each on the spot. Mine arrived last night and I am very pleased with it. The Tee shirt is very nice. Keep up the good work.


Three thrilled grandchildren

A big thanks for an excellent product and brilliant service from three thrilled grandchildren. Perhaps not what the hammock was intend for but they had a great weekend with it. 



A very happy teenager

Thank you for promptly dispatching the tarp for me yesterday after my phonecall to you. It arrived at 10am today! I have a very happy teenager who has already test-driven it in the back garden, and will be sleeping under it tonight at Scout Camp. I will pass on your leaflet to our Scout group this weekend and my friend is also planning to tell his Explorer leader next week. Thanks again.


What more could people ask for?

The hammocks arrived in double D quick time. Posted Tue, delivery attempted Thurs. So quick that I hadn't made provision for the office to cover the import duties, which were a "reasonable" £30... could be worse! Great customer support, lightning quick delivery and painless import duties. What more could people ask for ;-) 



Rapid service and personal touch

Having now checked and tested the hammocks we would like to say how extremely happy we are with the products. We would also like to say how very, very impressed we are with your rapid service and personal touch to all our dealings. We will have no hesitation in recommending DD Hammocks to our friends and have already done so.



You and the team are stars, the hammock has just arrived, thanks a lot. Are you based at the Quayside address as I feel a box of chocolates coming on when I get a moment for services rendered. I have had to “growl” at a number of people this week and it is refreshing to find people as good as DD Hammocks.




ordered bank holiday monday, delivered tuesday, WOW


Best piece of outdoor kit I ever bought

Just back from a 10-day canoe-/bushcraft trip in North-Eastern Poland, and guess what: I STILL think it's the best piece of outdoor-kit I ever bought.

Keep up the good work.


Really well made

I just want to commend you on the quality of your products; I bought a DD Pack combo deal with a Travel hammock and the whoopie suspension system. The order was placed on August 10th and I picked it up on the 16th (lousy Italian postal service).

I think your products are really well made from what I could see checking them out. I haven't had the opportunity to use them yet because marriage, but I'll get back to you when I've had the chance, maybe with a few pictures.


I am blown away

Just wanted to say a big thank you! Got my hammock and tarp delivered yesterday, and just in time for my birthday, and crazy 2 week adventure in scotland. AND! You sent me a t-shirt!! :D Double bonus!

So yuz, just wanted to thank you for that, and I look forwards to a lotta fun with this awesome piece of kit that I am blown away by. You make some great stuff, and yeah, just wanted to say thanks.


Took less than 24h

Good news!! The hammock has already arrived.

Amazing! it took less than 24h. Thanks for everything,

Juan Carlos