03 January 2017

Slideshow: Best DD photos of 2016

By Jocasta

Last year we saw you take your DD hammocks and tarps up mountains, into deep forests, across continents, in the snow, through the desert…

We think a good way to measure a year is in adventures, and you sent us so many great photos of yours in 2016 that it was incredibly difficult to pick our favourites!

To say thank you for another great year, here they are in our first photo slideshow - we hope they inspire you to celebrate 2017 by going on even bigger journeys, and visiting even more of the world’s spectacular places.

Keep sending them in!

We want to thank everyone for sending in their brilliant pictures. Have you got an experience to share? Email us, tag us on Facebook or use #ddhammocks on Instagram!

See video description for photo credits.


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A great view and a big sky are Jocasta's favourite things about being outdoors. As DD's content writer she oversees the blog and social media.

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